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Complacent, self-made millionaire Scott Northwood wakes up one morning to discover he’s been given the ability to extend the lives of people who are about to die just when they are on the verge of achieving something important.

But there’s a catch—he must shorten his own lifespan by an equivalent amount of time.

Scott plunges into a moral and emotional maelstrom as his desire to live out his own comfortable life collides with a growing sense of obligation to transfer time to others who are clearly more deserving. Complicating matters, he falls deeply in love. 


Cover Design by Tim Roarke

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As the former marketing director for a tobacco corporation, Hank Sloan certainly knows how to generate buzz. So when he learns that his sister’s diner is failing, he comes up with a plan to fleece the faithful by arranging to have a so-called ‘divine apparition’ appear on an old drive-in movie screen across the street from the restaurant.

The faithful do indeed show up and the bucks roll in. But then, in a cosmic twist, rumors begin spreading about real miracles occurring around town.

When Hank suddenly finds himself in desperate need of a miracle of his own, his scheme backfires in a way he never could have imagined…